Windows 10 Right Click Issues [Fix]

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Many Windows 10 users around the globe are facing some issues with right click.
Problem : explorer.exe crashes whenever you right click on a particular file type like *.pdf or *.xlsx.

Reasons : Major reason behind this is that somehow you managed to damage your shell extension file for those particular extension, so for your safety don't allow them to run and instead crashes itself ( like Suicide Bomber ).

Fixes : Here, you are not just going to fix it, but I'm about to provide you a permanent solution for such conditions.
1. Download ShellExView from ShExView.
2. Extract the zip you just downloaded.
3. Run ShExView.exe as with Administrative Privileges.
4. Now click on Options and set the configuration as described in picture.

5. Select all by using Ctrl + A
6. Press red button on top right corner.
7. Now press Ctrl + E or you can manually restart explorer.exe.


How to Enable YouTube's Secret Dark Mode in Chrome Forever (Updated)

Do you feel YouTube at night is too bright? (Update : Time span added)

Well, If you do here comes a hidden menu (as found by _paul on Reddit) that can be used in Chrome (v57.0 or above), which will turn your YouTube into dark mode.
First Check your chrome version goto Settings - > About .

The dark is, as you’d expect, dark, with a black background and white text. Here’s how to turn it on: 1. Open YouTube.
2. Press Ctrl + Shift + I
( On Windows) and Option + Command + I Mac Users ) , to open Developer Menu and Click on Console.

3. Paste in this line of text: document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE; max-age=77777777"  and Hit Enter.
Here is the kick in the above piece of code, you write max-age = #someNumber, here you can set max-age (expiry of this script) by yourself, well the above code has a value enough to call it lifetime.

4. Close the developer window and refresh the page.

5. Click on Profile Icon, it will show you Dark Mode : Off

   6. Click on it and switch it t…

Windows 10 v1607 January 2017 All Editions in One Preactivated (x86/x64) ISO

Windows 10 Now is the time when many people believe that they know what to expect of Microsoft. Say, will release a “new” operating system, it will call the next sequence number with a minimum of changes, with the rejection of its past innovations. How then .. bam! Microsoft has trumped all. Even notorious Wzor did not expect such a setup. In general, meet the version for review Windooooows, there is no 9. Windows 10!
Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use, with lots of similarities to Windows 7 including the Start menu. It starts up and resumes fast, has more built-in security to help keep you safe, and is designed to work with software and hardware you already have. So Why become late ? Get Windows 10 Final Build on your devices today ! ISO has these editions of Windows 10 Windows 10 Home x64Windows 10 Home x86Windows 10 Pro X64 (Preactivated)Windows 10 Pro X86 (Preactivated)Windows 10 Enterprise X64 (Preactivated)Windows 10 Enterprise X86 (Preactivated)Windows 10 Education X64 (Preacti…

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 9.8.0 Technician Crack

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard It is the professional level, most cost-effective and easy-to-use data recovery software to recover data due to deletion, format, partition loss and other unknown reasons for Windows.Complete Recovery module is used to recover files because of format, virus infection, software crash, and some other unknown reasons. With powerful format recovery function, it could be used to recover files from formatted drive disk or partition easily and safely. What’s New ? • Optimized partition algorithm to retrieve more lost data.
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EaseUS Partition Master 11.10 Technician Edition Keygen

EaseUS Partition Master It is an all-in-one drive partition solution to solve all partition problems under hardware RAID, MBR & GPT disks, and removable devices in Windows systems. The most common partition problem for computer users is that the Windows system partition runs out of space, the Windows system partition needs to be expanded. But for most users, changing partition structure requires Windows operating system re installation and format. The built-in partition manager function of EASEUS Partition Master is right to meet the need. It can expand the Windows system partition without Windows reinstallation and data loss.
Features • Resize/Move partitions to avoid data loss, like extending NTFS system partition without reboot to maximize PC performance.
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How to Install, register and configure Sublime Text 3.0 for C Programs on Windows

Sublime Text is one of most good looking and fast IDE,compiler and editor for small programs (<600M), specially if you are doing competitive coding.

It was built for MacOS but later ported to Windows.
So getting to the point you can " Download Sublime Text " from its Official Website.

So Its easy to download and install, now register it with any of following Keys :-

Keys Here
Configuring Sublime Text For C
This part doesn't come as handy as previous one. First of all you need to check whether you have GCC selected in your Windows's Environments or not. 1. Go to Properties of My PC.

2. Select Advanced System Settings on Left Side Bar.

3. Select Environment Variables.

4. Look For Path, open it.

5. Check if any of address is pointing towards gcc.exe.
If Yes Then Goto Making Custom Build File below in post.
now since no GCC is being pointed download a MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows

Install MiniGW and open its installation directory check if gcc.e…

How to fix Windows 10 brightness control not working issue

How to fix Windows 10 brightness control not working issueYouTube Microsoft's latest addition to the Windows family, the Windows 10, has so far evoked mixed response from users around the globe, as the launch has been a resounding success with the latest claims suggesting as many as 27 million installations on PCs worldwide. However, the Windows 10 free upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 also brings its own share of bugs and installation issues including problems with adjusting display brightness on some PCs. Redmond Pie reports that the problem manifests itself by not allowing users to increase or decrease the brightness of the connected display on Windows 10 machines. In other words, it means laptop and notebook users cannot reduce the screen brightness when a low battery situation arises. Nevertheless, folks at Redmond Pie have shared a simple step-by-step guide to fix this problem easily: Steps to fix Windows 10 brightness control not working issue

Redmond Pie
Go to Start Menu > Search …